Richard Williams @ The Academy

Last week I saw Richard Williams speak at length on topics such as what inspired him, what frustrated him, anecdotes about legendary animators, and his work still to come. It was undoubtedly one of the coolest things I’ve seen out here in Los Angeles and big-name animators came out in droves to see this “animator’s animator” speak. I spotted John Musker, Tom Sito, Eric Goldberg, and many more in the audience. Marc Davis’ lovely wife Alice was also in attendance, spry as ever (by the way, between her and Richard alone there were about 165 years of animation experience/history in the room). It was fascinating to learn about Williams’ struggles and inspiring to discover that he is still so driven to create. He is aware that he might not be so long for this earth and has taken to animating in chunks so that whatever work-in-progress he leaves behind will have some finality to it. Too many cool stories to retell here, so I’ll let Richard himself do the heavy lifting via these videos the academy embedded. P.S. – Thief & The Cobbler screening in December! WOOHOO!

John K @ Cinefamily

John Kricfalusi showed off some rarities and old favorites last night at the ever-fantastic Silent Movie Theater. I even got a signed print of Stimpy!stimpy john k

Del Hombre – “Windows Down (Wassup Girl)”

Definitely more live-action-y than my other recent output, but damn fun to put together. A million thanks to those who have helped along the way.